How to stay cool behind the wheel


While of course none of the team at Big Motoring World have ever lost their cool behind the wheel, we know it’s something that many other drivers have experienced.

Breaking point

Whether it’s due to tiredness or impatience, being late for an appointment or getting distracted by screaming kids in the back seat, sometimes it’s all to easy to lose the plot when you’re driving. And while of course there are degrees of road rage – from honking the horn to intimidating tailgating – clearly we’re not condoning any of these kinds of behaviour, which can be dangerous for everyone and frightening for those on the receiving end.


But while there’s no excuse for losing focus and control when you’re driving, a recent study by the AA makes for some interesting reading – and gives clear pointers to the kind of behaviour that can lead to those dangerous flashpoints on the road.

Annoying habits

Research showed that 26% of people find other road users driving too close behind them the worst habit. The most annoying habits were talking on a mobile phone while driving and middle lane hogging (which we’d guess might one of the most likely causes of tailgating by angry drivers in response). Other bad habits that respondents to the survey said they found only slightly less infuriating were cutting in at the last minute, overtaking on the inside and speeding.

Care and consideration

While the research is only a snapshot of the situation, there are clearly some behaviours that we can all think about trying to avoid next time we’re out on the road. Care and consideration for other road users – even when they don’t show the same towards you – is essential, and a big part of staying safe on the roads.

So, next time some one cuts in front of you, hogs the middle lane or forgets to indicate, take a deep breath, count to ten and continue on your way. It’s better to arrive safely and calmly than not at all.

How to stay cool behind the wheel
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