Summer holidays – how to survive long car journeys with kids

Are we there yet? Anyone who has had the dubious pleasure of spending a long journey with a car full of tired, bored children (or who remembers the experience as a child), will know that it can be an arduous experience. So, with the summer holidays upon us, here at Big Motoring World we thought it would be good idea to share some tips to get you through your next road trip with the little ones.

Prepare for the worst

Accidents happen – drinks get spilled, food gets smeared over faces, and people are car sick. Have everything you need to clear up the mess – we suggest wet wipes, sick bags and antibacterial gel at least – all in one place with you in the front, and accessible.

Just accept that the journey will take twice as long as it should

Build in the time for breaks. They’ll need them. You’ll need them. Dividing the journey up will make it all seem a lot more bearable for everyone. The scale of the journey will seem less incomprehensible too – “we’ve got another four hours to go” is too huge stretch of time for them to grasp. And with a journey broken up into a number of shorter distances you can conceivably start saying “we’re nearly there” a lot earlier.


Following on from the previous tip, the last resort is just to lie about how far you have to go. It usually works – for a while at least.

Invest in a portable DVD player

Not ideal for those kids who suffer from car sickness, but watching a favourite film can make long journeys fly by. They usually hook over the seat in front.

Play games

I-spy is a classic of course, but really anything that gets them looking up and out of the window is going to keep them happy – and reduce the chances of any travel sickness. The pub sign name game is great (players get a point per leg – for example, four points for the Bay Horse) and even something a simple as spotting yellow cars can keep them going for a few miles.

Good luck, and bon voyage!

Summer holidays – how to survive long car journeys with kids
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