Fiat joins BMW’s selfdriving partnership

Last year, here at Big Motoring World we were excited to hear the news that BMW was entering into an innovative partnership with tech giants Intel, to work together on developing its own autonomous, self-driving cars. Since then, Fiat Chrysler has also announced that it will join this groundbreaking partnership – an encouragingly collaborative approach in what is often a highly competitive environment.

Testing times ahead

The plan is for BMW to eventually have around 40 autonomous self driving cars out on the roads by the second half of this year. BMW have been refreshingly open in their approach, and have been keen to reach out to other manufacturers and technology companies to share ideas. In January this year, Klaus Fröhlich, who is on the board of management for development at BMW said: “The holy grail of autonomous driving will not be easy to reach. This is why we are partnering with experts. We are thinking in terms of scalability and welcome other companies – manufacturers, suppliers or technology companies – to participate and contribute to our autonomous platform.”

A stronger partnership

Today, with Fiat Chrysler now on board, the joint partnership will see engineers from all three companies working together to look at some of the key systems required to make self-driving cars a viable option – everything from the self-driving systems themselves through to AI, machine learning and sensor technology.

A clear vision

There are clear advantages to this collaborative approach for all sides. It’s a way of working that brings together the manufacturing know-how of BMW (and now Fiat Chrysler) with the tech savvy of Intel – and with more and more experts pooling their resources in this area we should expect progress to really accelerate in the area of autonomous vehicles.

BMW have been truly groundbreaking in their approach to this exciting next phase in the automotive industry, and we applaud their vision – by bringing together the brightest minds in the industry we have a chance to really make autonomous travel a reality.

Fiat joins BMW’s selfdriving partnership
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