The younger generation will embrace electric vehicles

Every generation sees themselves as pioneers in some way – the first people to see the way the wind is blowing, the first to embrace new ideas and start revolutions. And it seems that the same applies in the car industry too – as alternative power trains become increasingly popular, and the major manufacturers begin to pour money into researching the next big thing in car development – it is the younger drivers who are embracing change.

In depth research

Recent research by the AA – which asked 16,500 people for their views – has shown that drivers aged between 18 and 24 years old are among the most likely to own an electric vehicle. Meanwhile, drivers over 55 are proving the most reluctant and resistant to change. The research shows that although young drivers are more worried about the potentially higher cost of buying an electric vehicle, they are by far and away the most likely age group to consider buying one. Younger drivers seem simply to be more open to the concept of EVs – while older drivers continue to worry about what they see as a lack of charging stations, the potentially high cost of buying an electric car and how long batteries will last.

Defying stereotypes

“This may confound the ‘boy racer’ image that older people may have of young drivers.,” says Edmund King, AA president. “Although overall numbers are still low, it shows that young drivers are taking an interest in new car technology – despite the fact that three-quarters (76%) are concerned about the high purchase price of EVs.  But even that compares with 84% of older drivers concerned about price.”

What next?

The challenge now for the industry – at least as we see it here at Big Motoring World – is to win over the doubters. The worries expressed by the older generation about the limitations of EV technology and the infrastructure that we have in place to support it are the same as they have always been. They’re proving to be stubborn concerns – and the sooner we can move on from them the better.


The younger generation will embrace electric vehicles

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