The wraps are off, meet the all-new BMW Z4

The wraps are off, meet the all-new BMW Z4

The original ‘Z’ cars from BMW proved to be popular cars in the German marques product line up. Offering drivers of the self-proclaimed ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ the Z3 and Z4 were topless coupes’ which offered many of those enjoyable moments when coupled to a small but powerful drivetrain. Not to be outdone by German rivals Porsche, BMW has reignited an old flame, the BMW Z4.

A long muted return, the Z4 has been absent from BMW’s product line up for a number of years now. Despite attempts in the past, a refreshed version of the model failed to materialise until now. A joint project between Toyota and BMW has seen the Z4 return with a shared chassis and architecture to that of the formers upcoming also returning car, the Toyota Supra.

This fast-tracked development between these two automotive giants has seen the Z4 come back in the best possible shape. Whilst sharing mechanical architecture and a chassis the differences between the Supra and Z4 are clear.

Each manufacturer has been afforded their own design creativity and this certainly shows through. The Z4 is a return to form for BMW where the droptop coupe is concerned. Confident and positive angles heavily dictate the design and the car takes clear design influence from the new and also returning 8-Series. They both share the new, highly angular BMW dual kidney grille. A modern refresh on somewhat of a BMW design staple. They also share similar headlight clusters and the bonnet lines also appear similar. It makes clear that this design philosophy is set to trickle down the rest of the current BMW range.

We got the first real impression of the new Z4 at the recent Monterey Car Week in California and in particular, at the events Pebble Beach Concours. Staying true to its recent concept car roots, the BMW Z4 looks very similar to what was teased to the press. This is a great attribute of this car as all to often great looking concept cars get far too diluted before ultimately going on sale and you have to credit BMW for this approach.

This car will feature a fabric folding roof when it finally goes on sale and we anticipate this to be somewhen during the first or second quarter of 2019. The car will also be present at the upcoming Paris Motor Show where it will take centre stage at BMW’s manufacturer stand.

This new Z4 certainly looks to be a return to form and it will be exciting to see how well this car fairs when placed directly up against the likes of Porsche Cayman and Boxter and Toyota’s own Supra.

We are fortunate to hold a selection of BMW Z4’s across our facility currently and each of these sees a fantastic and desirable specification. If you would like to discover more about our BMW Z4’s that are available for sale, please don’t hesitate to visit our website which can be found, here.

The wraps are off, meet the all-new BMW Z4
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