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A roadmap for the future

With the UK General Election now only a few weeks away, the three main parties have been busy laying out their plans for their differing visions of Britain. And while Brexit and the economy dominate much of the agenda, the politicians are also doing their best to win over motorists. So what are the different parties promising to deliver, if they win power?

Making our roads safer

Roadworks are firmly in Labour’s sights, as well pledges to eliminate road deaths completely and axe the Severn Bridge toll. They’re also committed to upgrade the country’s national cycle network and to upgrade buses to meet new Euro 6 emissions standards. As with the Conservatives, they also plan to scrap the Severn Bridge toll.

An electric future

The Conservatives have also made some bold pledges - not least to make all vehicles electric by 2025 (don’t worry - that old E-Type Jag you have, and any other ‘classic’ cars, will probably be exempt). They’ve also promised to put £40bn into improving infrastructure and £600m investment into low-emissions vehicles. Like Labour, they’ve also promised to boost the number of cycle networks and improve facilities for cyclists.

Goodbye to diesel

The Liberal Democrats meanwhile have promised to introduce the diesel scrappage scheme, and aim to ban the sale of new diesel cars by 2025. They also want to see fewer lorries on the road, and make more electric car charging points available. The Lib Dems plans include a Green Transport Act and an Air Quality Plan to help achieve their aims of getting more people to use public transport and to remove freight from road to rail.

The key issues

Ultimately, the similarities between the different manifestos are telling - and suggest that whichever party wins the next election will need to address issues that policy makers seem in broad agreement about: namely the need to invest in our road infrastructure, public transport and in greener technology.