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AA Rolls Out Revolutionary Car Tech

Breaking down on the roadside is a lot of peoples’ worst nightmare. What if you could predict a breakdown before it happened, so you could get your car sorted ahead of time? Now you’ll be able to, as breakdown insurance provider AA has launched a new technology which can do exactly that!

Breakdown cover

If your car goes caput while you’re on the road, it can prove costly. You’ll have to pay, among other things, to get experts to come out and either fix your vehicle at the roadside, or toe it away so it can be repaired later. This is why it’s a good idea to take our breakdown insurance, so if the worst happens you’re covered and you don’t have to pay extremely high costs to sort the problem out. You may want to shop around, when looking for breakdown cover providers, so you can find the best value for money. AA is a popular choice for many, and it was named the best breakdown cover of 2016 by industry publication Auto Car. It earned a phenomenal score of 88.8% out of a possible 100%, beating out the competition on issues such as efficiency and customer service, so it’s a great provider.

Car genie

AA has now gone one step further, in its bid to supply first-rate customer service, by launching a product which can predict breakdowns before they happen. According to the Independent, this is the Car Genie device, which you’ll be able to buy from 1st May 2017, at a cost of £29 per year, but only if you’re an AA member. The firm says that the Car Genie can accurately forecast a third of breakdowns. The Car Genie is designed to be fitted to a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBDII) port. This allows it to scan the car’s EOBD (European On-Board Diagnostics) system as its driving, sending the information gained to the Car Genie app, which is free to download for both Androids and iPhones. It is specifically aimed at catching OBDII issues, such as failing exhaust gas circulation and battery degradation, and if the problem is serious enough, AA will contact the motorist so they can get it fixed in good time.

Fantastic service

Commenting on the Car Genie trials they recently conducted with existing AA members, the firm’s Connected Car Manager, Gareth Adams, said: “What we’ve been doing is analysing the fault codes that come from the device and the breakdowns that the connected members have had. “Of the people who broke down, was there a corresponding fault code to that breakdown? In about 38% of cases, we could see that there was a fault code directly related to that breakdown. “In the event of a battery breakdown, a battery alert could appear between one day and a couple of months before the breakdown event. With certain fault codes, we actually proactively contacted members before breakdowns to advise them. Experience from the technical helpdesk is key with this. What we can see, based on… the trial, is that if certain fault codes on certain vehicles aren’t addressed, they’ll lead to a breakdown within a short period of time. “Any faults reported to members are also pushed to our diagnostic dashboard within the AA, so they’ll be constantly monitored by our technical helpdesk team. If it’s something that needs to be addressed quickly, the team will get the relevant technical information and make an outbound call to the member.” He added that the Car Genie app provides driving style feedback, and delivers alerts to notify users of any mechanical issues in their car, which are delivered in both easy to understand and technical language.

Revolutionary tech

In other word’s AA’s Car Genie could be about to change the lives of drivers up and down the UK. AA pointed out that of the 10,000 people who took part in their trials, Car Genie helped 33% cut fuel costs and 49% get a better understanding of their vehicle’s issues. It’s amazing to see what kind of technology is being developed to tackle car breakdowns, so just imagine what things will be like a few years down the line. Car breakdowns may soon be a thing of the past with these amazing products!

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