• Audi Quattro: 4x4 Meets the mass market
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Audi Quattro: 4x4 Meets the mass market

The original Audi Quattro is often associated with bringing four-wheel drive technology to the mainstream. An everyday saloon vehicle but with the added edge of four-wheel drive technology. The Audi Quattro went on to become a cult classic, but the technology at its heart and what arguably made it so great is a staple in Audi’s current generation of road cars.

The Audi Quattro first saw the light of day at the 1980 Geneva Motor Show with production continuing right through until 1991. Taking its name from the Italian for ‘Four’, Quattro is a name applied to any Audi that features four-wheel drive.

Whilst the Audi Quattro was an early pioneer, the German mark has subsequently gone on to add the Quattro name across their entire model range and is today, a prominent name in the showrooms of Audi dealerships and sales brochures around the world.

First developing the idea in 1977 it would be Audi engineer Jörg Bensinger credited with first introducing the system. The Audi Quattro, the first to utilise this technology, proved to be a devastatingly quick rally car and helped to propel the German manufacturer to enviable World Rally Championship success over a two year period.

The initial idea for a 4x4 machine came around after Jörg recognised that the Volkswagen Iltis could outperform any other vehicle in the snow. Seemingly charged with toppling this dominance, Bensinger got to work and produced one of the most iconic machines in automotive history.

Today the Audi Quattro badge is worn proudly by the marques current product lineup, a name that has now become synonymous with capability, ability and prowess. Whatever Audi vehicle you consider, the Quattro name will never be far away.

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