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Beating rising costs

The fleet industry knows a thing or two about motoring costs - after all it’s firmly in their business interests to keep a close eye on where life is getting more (or less) expensive for motorists. Here at Big Motoring World the rising costs of keeping your car on the road are an ongoing concern. So, with that in mind, a recent survey by online parking service makes for some interesting reading.

Rising costs

The study reflects a hunch that many of us have probably had for a while - that motoring costs are on the up. Whether it’s the nasty shock you had when you last filled up at the pump, the latest quote you’ve had to renew your car insurance, or the unexpected costs that cropped up on your MOT bill, things feel like they’re getting more expensive. So what do the numbers say?

Tough on commuters

People who use their cars to get to and from work are now spending an average of a fifth of their wages on essential motoring costs, with UK workers who commute by car spending an average of £362 a month on keeping their car on the road. If you need to pay to park your car at work then you’re looking at up to £465 a month on top of that. Taking a 1.6 Ford Fiesta as the average British car, the survey found that the biggest costs are on car finance, fuel and repair. For anyone who has had that dreaded call from the garage after a ‘routine’ check up, this will come as no surprise.

Shop around

So what is our advice? Well, as with any area of commerce in the 21st century, it pays to shop around. There are a vast array of price comparison sites online now, and it certainly pays to spend some time checking what you could save. And if all else fails, pick up the phone and tell them you’re leaving - there’s a good chance that they’ll offer you some big incentives to stick around.