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Beating the traffic

In our last news blog we talked about the rising costs for motorists and the increasing financial pressure on commuters in terms of parking charges, fuel rises and maintenance. Add to this the frustration and boredom you feel spending hours stuck in traffic, and it’s hard to see many positives for commuters.

Beating the jams

So imagine a world in which getting to work - in your own car - is a quick, efficient and relatively painless experience. A future in which avoiding the jams is as simple as driving into a tunnel and letting someone else take the strain. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has made his fortune developing innovative and groundbreaking products, from the grand plans for space exploration with Space X to Tesla, Inc.’s electric vehicles. Now Musk has turned his attention to beating the traffic. His latest venture, fronted by a company called The Boring Company, proposes building tunnels under cities to carry vehicles around and away from the traffic.

Grand vision

Here’s how it works - up on the surface, you’ll drive your own car onto a platform. The platform would then descend using a system of huge elevators into the network of tunnels. Once you’re below the surface, you’ll then drive onto one of a number of high speed electric sleds which will then take you quickly to your destination - avoiding the jams up on the surface. Musk’s vision for the network could involve up to 30 layers of tunnels to allow for thousands of cars, and while there’s no firm timescales for the project, we love the ambition behind the idea.

A flexible future

One of the most attractive aspects of the idea is that it means commuters can still use their own cars to travel - but actually use them for getting to work, rather than sitting in traffic. The Boring Company’s idea for traffic-beating electric sleds also fits nicely with one of Elon Musk’s other big ideas - the Hyperloop. The electric sleds could be adapted into pods that would mean the tunnels could then be used for the near-supersonic Hyperloop system proposed by Musk that would travel at speeds of over 600 miles an hour. That’s certainly one way to beat the traffic.