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Big demand for the next generation of testers

Would you like to work with some of the biggest car brands in the industry? If so, then the good news is that becoming an MOT tester could be the role you’re looking for. MOT testers are in big demand at the moment, and there are currently well over 2,000 jobs on offer. As cars have become more and more complex, and increasingly reliant on advanced electronics, the role of MOT tester is one that nowadays requires far more than purely mechanical skills.

A new breed

Talking to the Sun newspaper recently, Paul Chapman, the owner of Jockey Garages in Pontypool, Monmouthshire explained how technology is making the role a very different one to that of a traditional mechanic. “It is getting more technical,” says Paul. “We need people with good maths and physics. The job is less about heavy lifting now.”

In demand

It means that now many of the country’s biggest brands are looking for a new generation of MOT testers with the expertise and experience to do the job. So what do qualifications do you need? Here’s a quick run down of the steps you’ll need to go through, according to - bear in mind that you’ll already need to be a fully qualified mechanic with at least four years’ experience.

  1. Take an MOT tester qualification course.
  2. Pass a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency MOT demonstration test.

Once you’ve made the grade you’ll then need to find an authorised testing station who will take you on.

Room to develop

Many companies will then support you with their own training courses, and good MOT testers can earn up to £30,000. Once you’re in the role, you’ll then also need to undergo a refresher course every five years to keep your skills up to scratch. Ultimately, it’s clear that as the car industry changes, and technology increasingly shapes the cars we drive, the need for highly qualified, skilled workers will only increase – so watch this space.