• Big Motoring Worlds Car of the Week: BMW 7 Series 740LE
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Big Motoring Worlds Car of the Week: BMW 7 Series 740LE

Luxury, style, elegance and sophistication. These are all words that you can confidently use when describing the BMW 7 Series. As luxury limousines go, the BMW 7 Series ticks the boxes in confident fashion and it gives us great pleasure to present this variant for sale at Big Motoring World.

In an era where consumers crave 4x4’s and SUVs, the merits of the saloon car have quickly had their edge removed from the limelight. Happily, however, there are still some fantastic machines in these long-form bodies rolling off production lines from around the world.

Arguably the plants that do this best can be found in Germany and one of our latest arrivals to group stock finds it's roots from the European continent.

Meet the BMW 7 Series. Unashamedly high class, it’s a vehicle designed to take on the might of their German counterparts at Mercedes and the all mighty S-Class. Given the high benchmark, the 7 Series has to excel in many ways to be a credible rival and in this regard we are pleased to say that it achieves it’s mission admirably.

Lets first look at the styling. The 7 Series is large, very large and in this specification, the 740LE, it certainly doesn’t lack any presence. Its long wheelbase is the dominant feature here, as is it’s dramatically harsh front styling which sees the iconic dual kidney grill at its heart. Sitting on silver coloured and contrasting multispoke alloy wheels give this particular 7 Series real head-turning looks, a theme that continues inside to the cabin.

Upon opening the door you are greeted with a plush and comfortable interior. Swathes of perforated cream coloured leather adorn the cabin whilst the dashboard is dressed in black leather whilst silver coloured trim detailing adds for a contemporary feel.

Naturally, for a car in this class, equipment comes in abundance and this 7 Series comes fitted with no less than £19,135 worth of extra features. Fitted to this BMW is, 5Year/50K BMW Service Pack, Heads up Display, Rear-Seat Entertainment, Executive Lounge Seating, Ambient Air Package, Panoramic Roof, TV, Sat Nav, Wireless Phone Charging, Full Leather, Adaptive LED Headlights, BMW Apps Interface, Heated Steering Wheel, Heated Seats, Sun Protection Pack and Privacy Glass.

Under the bonnet are a powerful 2.0-Litre Hybrid Engine and an automatic gearbox which makes this an impressive machine when it comes to refinement and economy.

Available now at Big Motoring World, the full details on this BMW 7 Series 740LE can be viewed here. Alternatively, if you’re looking to discover our full range of quality used cars from across our dealerships in Kent, the Big Motoring World group stock can be viewed here. With quality used cars ranging from Audi, through to Toyota, which will be your next car?