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Big Motoring Worlds Car of the Week: BMW i8

Meet the BMW i8. The forerunner of the hybrid sports car, its inception bought with it a new age of high performance and low emission vehicles which are changing the face of motoring forever.

Green credentials have never been more important when it comes to motorcars. With increasing environmental factors playing on all of our minds and increasingly stringent government legislation taking hold, it was only morally right that car manufacturers started to invest in greener and alternative energies for their vehicles.

Early hybrid and electric vehicles were incredibly crude. Poor range, inconvenient charging times coupled with a lack of recharging infrastructure looked to derail the electric and hybrid mission before it truly got started.

Fast forward ten years or so and that landscape has very much changed. Gone are the clunky, box-like early electric cars and in are green machines in the guises of vehicles that we know and love from the everyday. Advances in battery and alternative technology have quickly proved that green need not be boring and manufacturers are actively implementing these green technologies to bolster performance. One fantastic example of this is the BMW i8 and we’re pleased to offer this example for sale at Big Motoring World.

Finished in Crystal White with its contrasting and dual coloured alloy wheels, this i8 is certainly an impressive machine to look at. With emphasis placed on efficiency, naturally, this machine has a sleek aerodynamic profile which starts at the front of the car.

With a flowing profile and clearly defined lines, the BMW i8’s presence cannot be missed and all of this eye-catching exterior design comes to a head at the rear where the rear light clusters are neatly integrated to the lines that extend around to the rear apron.

From an interior point of view, this BMW i8 is as futuristic inside as it is on the outside. A cabin that is decked out in technology, it is a truly fantastic place to be and it’s all enjoyed in comfort thanks to its plush full black leather interior. The cabin doesn’t lack on detail either and the ‘BMW i’ Blue is a heavy feature here. The blue is present on the seat belts, contrasting upholstery stitching, centre console and steering wheel.

From a features point of view, the BMW i8 comes equipped with the following items to name just a few, Heads up Display, Professional Nav, Full Leather, Heated Seats, Bluetooth, Cruise Control, Powered Folding Mirrors and Ambient Lighting.

Design and features aside, this BMW i8 really does ring true to its efficient billing thanks to its hybrid powertrain which has a 1.5-Litre internal combustion engine at its heart.

Seeing just 1 Previous Keeper and covering 51,086 miles from new, this machine is available for sale at our Blue Bell Hill dealership in Kent. The full specification of this great machine can be viewed here.

Alongside the fantastic BMW i8, we are proud to hold a fantastic selection of vehicles from across the BMW range and this includes the likes of the 1 Series and the critically acclaimed 3 Series. To discover our fantastic and full range of vehicles, please head over to the Big Motoring World group website.