• BMW Z4 Concept at the Goodwood Festival of Speed
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BMW Z4 Concept at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

2002 Witnessed the arrival of the BMW Z4. The bigger brother of the Z3, the Z4 was bigger, more versatile and more sharp in it looks. Buyers loved it’s contemporary styling and proved a popular addition to the BMW lineup. Fast forward 16 years and the Z4 is back and this time it's bigger and bolder than ever before. The return of the BMW Z4 has seen an engineering collaboration between Japanese giant Toyota and BMW. This joint project has seen the new BMW Z4 developed alongside the, also returning, Toyota Supra. Set to go on sale at some point in 2019, we won’t see the full, final, version of the BMW Z4 until it's revealed at Octobers Paris Motor Show. Whilst this full reveal and ultimate launch to market is still a little way off, what we can do is start to draw some conclusions around how this machine will look. Taking centre stage at the BMW pavilion at last weekend's Goodwood Festival of Speed the new Z4 certainly looked striking under the bright orange showroom lights. It’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into the aesthetics around this car and when you consider the competition this car is up against, it really does have to be outstanding in its field. Upon looking at this car from the front you are immediately greeted by the angular and aggressive trademark, dual kidney style, BMW grill. This angular feature dictates the lines for the whole car as the bumper sees more aggressive styling and this transfers backwards from this and extends all the way to the rear of the car as the side witnesses a defined body line giving this car an almost shoulder like appearance. It certainly looks purposeful and is a definite step forward to the that of the Z4 of old. The rear is also another area where BMW has allowed room to its designers for a spot of creative freedom. Clearly taking design cues from the BMW i8 and i8 Roadster, the rear features beautifully designed rear light clusters which are low and wide and sweep upwards towards the rear of this machine as the boot lid features a heavily defined boot lip-cum-spoiler. Behind the driver and passenger seats is the raised bodywork seemingly to accommodate a roll hoop for driver and occupant safety. The overall profile of the car is finished by a low folding soft top. From a mechanical point of view, it is understood that the new Z4 will feature a range of four and six-cylinder engines. Whilst the new Z4 won’t be a fixture on Britain's roads until some point in 2019, we for one cannot wait until we get the first examples on our forecourt. If you are looking for convertible or BMW ownership, be sure to visit our website for all our latest vehicles.