• Colin Turkington takes the British Touring Car Championship title
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Colin Turkington takes the British Touring Car Championship title

There are not many domestic championships around the world that offer the level of close racing and spectacle that the British Touring Car Championship provides. A field of 32 cars and drivers go head to head every year over the course of 10 rounds.

Within those 10 rounds, you can expect high drama, thrills, spills and a lot of bumper to bumper action. 3 races per round, covering 7 months of the year see’s the championship battle play out at a frenetic pace and it was Irishman Colin Turkington who ultimately came away with the ultimate crown of BTCC champion in 2018.

Piloting a BMW 125i M Sport, prepared by renowned racing team West Surrey Racing, the Irishman was always a permanent fixture in the points this season in his rear wheel drive machine. Built to the current Next Generation Touring Car regulations (NGTC), the 125i M Sport machine is far removed from its road-going counterpart.

Every part of this machine is overhauled with the ultimate aim of BTCC glory. Aside from the rear wheel drive powertrain layout, every aspect of this car is different. Featuring a lightweight and stripped out chassis, this BTCC racer is powered by a powerful and specially prepared 2.0-Litre turbocharged engine whilst the bodywork is designed to be as aerodynamically efficient as possible. A set of sticky slick Dunlop tyres complete this machines racing credentials.

As you would expect from a team that boasts the pedigree of West Surrey Racing, the BMW 125i with Colin Turkington behind the wheel proved to be a potent combination and one that proved enough to overcome and beat all challengers for the title. Colin Turkington is no stranger to this level of success however, previously triumphing with the team on a previous two occasions sweeping to titles back in 2009 and 2014.

The Irishman has an enviable track record and is a man who’s measured in his approach to racing. In a season where fellow challengers attempts ebbed and flowed, it was Turkington who was always there bagging the points. Where others may risk a desperate move to bag an overall victory it would be Turkington who would be playing the long game with one eye always firmly on the championship.

This isn’t to say that this driver was risk-averse, far from it, as drives at Brands Hatch at the start of the year and later on at a rain-soaked Knockhill would prove. With a deft touch behind the wheel coupled with overtaking as sharp as a sushi knife, you have a driver that could deliver devastating results in front of the rest of the field, weekend in, weekend out. A BTCC title richly deserved.

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