• Eco style and substance, the new BMW i8 Roadster
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Eco style and substance, the new BMW i8 Roadster

The i8 heralded one of the more successful forays into modern hybrid tech with the car not only receiving acclaim for its technical approach but the way it looked too. Now there’s a roadster version which only adds a further dimension to this machines head-turning appeal. Featuring a combination of petrol engine and electric technologies, the i8 marked BMW’s first real foray into electric and alternatively fueled vehicles and is one of two models in the marques ‘i’ range. Visually striking the i8 was designed to be the very essence that everything a sports car should be. A sleek profile, a low body and some gorgeous, flowing lines which tie together both visual and functional elements of this machine. This form allows for key design highlights such as those imposing lightweight carbon-fibre dihedral doors and the stunning wraparound rear light clusters which are beautifully absorbed into the rear bodywork effortlessly. The addition of the i8 Roadster to this lineup add’s a further dimension to the already established machine and now allows for droptop thrills courtesy of the exclusive all-electric soft-top roof. It’s not all about the style though. The Roadster has seen subtle revisions throughout and the most notable of these comes in the guise of it’s fettled powertrain. Whilst the coupe variant was no slouch the Roadster see’s increased power from its turbocharged three-cylinder engine to the tune of 12 bhp which means it now accelerates from 0 to 62mph in an impressive 4.6 seconds. The electrical capabilities of this car have also seen refinement and advances with increased range, solely on electrical power, the result. Whilst this car is a hybrid and takes advantage of a three-cylinder engine, don’t let that fool you into thinking that the electric power capabilities are any less potent. Making use of a capable four-wheel drive system, the i8 Roadster harnesses the wasted energy generated under braking and then converts this into usable energy to be able to further bolster performance. BMW state that the i8 Roadster has a solely electric range of 33 miles. Whilst this may seem low, it is a significant improvement to that of the Coupe variant which see’s 10 miles less. Despite this relatively short range in comparison to other, fully, electric vehicles, the i8 Roadster utilising its electric motor to provide an almost unrivalled driving experience. With deliveries commencing last month the BMW i8 Roadster will be a sight to savour on Britain's roads and has firmly established itself as the poster car for the environmentally conscious. We have the pleasure of stocking a wide range of high quality alternatively fueled and hybrid machines at our dealership sites so if you are in the market for something more environmentally focused, be sure to browse our great selection of vehicles over on our website today.