• F1 for the road? Mercedes Benz AMG Project One takes the hypercar to the next level
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F1 for the road? Mercedes Benz AMG Project One takes the hypercar to the next level

Take a current Mercedes Benz AMG Formula One car, strip back the bodywork and take the hybrid drivetrain that's left and shoehorn it inside a fully bespoke hypercar chassis. The result, the AMG Project One. Sounds a little far fetched doesn’t it, almost the thing of childhood daydreams but it’s exactly what the Mercedes AMG team in Germany has done. The result is quite possibly one of the most powerful and involved cars ever produced. Not long ago in the face of ever-tightening emissions legislation and ever present environmental factors were we mourning the potential demise of cars like this. At that time and with no further hypercars on the horizon, the likes of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport almost seemed the hypercar eras halcyon moment, however fast forward a few years and we have never had a better choice of automotive exotica to choose from. Given the rate of development and the arrival of machines from their competitors, it's not hard to see why Mercedes Benz turned their focus to this car. Essentially a showcase of what the ultimate hypercar could be, the AMG Project One is a shot across the bows of rival car makers such as McLaren and Bugatti, but what exactly is it? It incorporates Merc’s current Formula One technology so that means it comes with a 1.6-Litre petrol, V6 turbocharged engine and all the electric recovery and power gubbins that comes with it. Leading the way in the hybrid era, Mercedes have been the team to beat in Formula One and whilst official figures haven’t been released, its long been regarded that the marque has been knocking on the door of the fabled 1000bhp for quite some time now so the application of this powertrain, plus four-wheel drive, for road car use, certainly creates a potent machine. A machine that Mercedes state will be ‘Good for perfect acceleration and record lap times, especially the Nordschleife.’ Technical elements aside, it’s worth taking a step back for a moment to appreciate the aesthetics of this beast. Whilst clearly taking design cues from around the hypercar world, the design of the Project One, as you might expect, is heavily dictated by the internals that lay underneath. An engine of this performance requires adequate cooling and therefore has visible features such as the roof mounted air intake and large intakes on the front apron and bonnet scoop. Cooling elements aside, it is clear aerodynamic efficiency has also been taken into account here featuring a heavily sculpted diffuser to the rear which is then all packaged into an elongated and sleek profile. With just a muted production run of 175 units, the Mercedes AMG Project One is essentially all but sold out after Mercedes declared interest from over 1000 interest parties. With prices believed to start at £2 Million, it certainly has a price tag to match the impressive technology and performance, however, when it comes to putting one over on their rivals, the AMG Project One is priceless for Mercedes in the hypercar stakes and see’s a place in the automotive history books up for grabs. Inspired by Mercedes Benz’s drive for performance? Browse our current selection of great quality pre-owned Mercedes Benz over on our website and start your Mercedes and AMG journey today.