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Five Highlights from The Paris Motor Show 2016

This year’s Paris Motor Show has now come to an end. During this event, the most prominent car-makers in the world came together to showcase new cars, technological innovations and product roadmaps.  Here are five highlights from the Paris Motor Show 2016, courtesy of Big Motoring World.

Unveiling concept cars

A range of new concept cars were unveiled in Paris, showcasing amazing new technologies. One highlight was the Lexus UX Concept, which came with deconstructed interior styling. Industry portal Car and Bike notes that in this vehicle, we have Lexus’ "vision for a compact SUV of the future,” equipped with visionary technologies which give car occupants a fully-immersive experience.

Embracing virtual engineering

Some companies are now using “virtual engineering” to drive and test cars. This allows firms to run digital simulations before manufacturing prototypes, streamlining development. Evidence of its rising popularity came in Paris with the revelation of Land Rover’s ‘Discovery’ model. Several parts of this car were developed via virtual engineering, allowing us to glimpse at what’s to come in this field.

Retrospective on car tech

Lifestyle site Alphr argues that in Paris, we got a retrospective on how far car technology has advanced. This came in the form of the new Nissan Micra. Like previous models, the new Nissan Micra is a cost effective hatchback. But it also included autonomous emergency braking as standard and the kind of connectivity which would have been impossible even five years ago, especially for budget vehicles.

Electric vehicle developments

The electric vehicle (EV) sector is growing so rapidly, but until now it has been largely dominated by Tesla and Nissan, whose ‘Leaf’ model is currently the best-selling EV on earth. In Paris, both VW and Mercedes showed that they are looking to enter this lucrative sector, with their new concept cars. Earlier this year, Mercedes announced that it will release two electric only smart cars in 2017, so with these developments, it really does look as though EVs are going mainstream soon.

Ultimate Paris highlight

Mercedes was pretty busy in Paris. As well as showcasing its new EV concept car and unveiling the GLC 43 Coupe, the brand also revealed that it’s making a hybrid hypercar. Mercedes didn’t show images of the vehicle, but we know it will come with a modified version of the brand’s famous F1 engine. This engine could be detuned, but use a larger capacity than the F1 engine’s regulation-defined 1.6 litres.

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