• Grey Becomes Britains Favourite Car Colour
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Grey Becomes Britains Favourite Car Colour

After years at the top, White has relented its place at the top of the car colour pile as Grey has become the nations new favourite car colour.

This is the first time in over 15 years that grey has taken the top spot. Over the last half decade, White has led the way. Starting off on more premium brands with the likes of Audi and BMW white has seen its influence stretch far and wide as it became the go-to choice for whatever car you drove.

However, it seems like the tide is turning and darker colours are starting to come back into favour. Last year Black held the top spot but this year it was toppled by Grey. Again, the Grey trend appears to have trickled down from prestigious brands as manufacturers presented their more performance-focused vehicles in the colour. Great examples of this were Audi and their colour Nardo.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), just over one in five new cars rolling off of production lines in the UK last year were grey. However, it seems that more grayscale colours are leading the way as half of all registrations were either, Grey, Black and White.

Whilst these less vibrant colours share the top spots, it was also good news for brighter colours as Orange saw a 37% increase whilst at the other end of the spectrum, Beige grew by 28%. Meanwhile, in 2018 only 559 cars nationwide left their factory painted Cream.

Whilst you could be forgiven for thinking that Grey and Silver could be classed at the same thing, the reality is that these are classified separately and to that end Silver fell out of the top 5 completely in favour of Red and Blue.

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