• How to defrost your windscreen safely
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How to defrost your windscreen safely

We've all been there. You're running late for work. You can't find your other glove. You jump in the car, turn the key and realise you can't see a thing out of the window. You scrabble in the glove box for a scraper that isn't there, find an empty can of de-icer, and then try to scrape the window with your credit card. It snaps, so you boil a kettle, tip it over and, if you're really unlucky, you crack your windscreen. Icy mornings always seem to catch everyone by surprise (even here at Big Motoring World) - but here are a few great ways to make sure you get on the road safely now that the weather is getting colder.

  1. Get out of bed 5 minutes earlier.

Everything just takes longer on a cold morning - you need to find more clothes, and you need to de-ice the car. So, give yourself bit of breathing space and take the pressure off.

  1. Get in the car and get the heating on as soon as possible

Remember it's actually against the law to leave your car unattended with the engine running, so make sure you're behind the wheel and fully in control of your vehicle. But running the engine for a few minutes and getting the hot air flowing will soon clear any ice on the inside – and start the process of melting the ice on the outside too.

  1. Buy de-icer and a proper scraper in the summer (or at least well before it gets cold)

Preparation is everything in the winter, so give yourself one less thing to worry about and get everything you need to keep your car ice-free, as early as possible. Just remember to put it somewhere where you can find it (the trick is to keep it in the car).

  1. Never, ever pour boiling water on a frozen windscreen

Many people swear by this as an effective short cut to getting the ice cleared, but the rapid change in temperature can cause the glass to crack, so it's really not a good idea. Your best bet is just to get the heating going, warm the windscreen gradually, and invest in a proper heavy duty scraper to clear the ice.