• Mercedes AMG GT-R Roadster Unveiled at Geneva Motor Show
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Mercedes AMG GT-R Roadster Unveiled at Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show saw another important debut. This time the hot news broke from the Mercedes Benz camp and centred around the Mercedes Benz AMG GT-R Roadster. Hot off the back of the launch of the coupe, the AMG GT product portfolio has grown that little bit larger as the wraps have recently come off the Roadster variant.

Typically news centring on a new AMG fettled model is always something to stir the senses. Whether its the highly acclaimed C63 or G63, the Mercedes AMG division never ceases to disappoint with its product roster.

The latest machine to join the ranks is this, the Mercedes Benz AMG GT-R Roadster. The counterpart to the hard top iteration, the Roadster is designed to package all of the thrills of the coupe and deliver them into something that can mess up your hair.

Naturally, the Mercedes Benz AMG GT-R Roadster took centre stage on the Mercedes Benz stand at Geneva and rightly so. Lets crunch some numbers. The Roadster features the same 4.0-litre V8 engine to that of the coupe and this is offered in a range of power outputs which start at 469bhp and increases right through to an eye-watering 577bhp.

It’s not uncommon for machines like this to be all style over substance but getting the power figures out of the way quickly shows that this machine certainly isn’t lacking any of the latter. From a style point of view, this is where the AMG GT-R wins big. You could never have genuinely called the coupe variant a pretty car thanks in part to its full-fat no-nonsense thirst for performance and power, and besides, that elongated bonnet means it doesn’t lack any bite in the visual stakes.

Where Mercedes have succeeded with the roadster is trying to incorporate an element of that missing prettiness. The roadster is an elegant machine and the soft top provides for a more theatrical experience. With the roof down that impressive and comfortable interior is revealed to the world and provides for the perfect insight into the craftsmanship that goes into any AMG product.

The interiors are lavish on the new AMG GT-R roadster and the cabin features the latest in Mercedes’ highly acclaimed and futuristic tech. There is also carry over of the new design language which has been prominent on the latest A-Class and S-Class machines recently.

Stepping back outside, the AMG work includes so much more than a thumping powertrain. The exterior features gorgeous details such as the prominent carbon fibre wing on the rear and those cutout sections on the bonnet which teases at what lays beneath the hood.

What set’s this car apart however is the way that it sounds. It’s V8 paints a mesmerising picture and wails and burbles it’s indulgent sound as you step on the accelerator pedal. With the roof down it’s going to be pure music to the driver's ears and we cannot wait to experience this car first hand.

The roadster looks set to take the acclaim of the AMG GT-R models to the next level and we hope to have an example available for sale at one of our locations in the not so distant future. Until then we’ll have to dream about getting behind the wheel.

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