• Mercedes Benz EQ Range: Electrification Meets Premium
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Mercedes Benz EQ Range: Electrification Meets Premium

There’s no doubting that electric cars are rapidly taking a foothold around the world and this has all happened in just a matter of years. Wind the clock back just a handful of years and the future of the electric car looked sceptical. However significant advances in technology have spawned a new electric generation and it’s this wave that Mercedes Benz is looking to capture with it’s all new EQ range.

We’ve known about the need to take action away from polluting vehicles for a while now, however until recently there have been few credible alternatives to our love of fossil fuel powered machines. An early adopter of solely electric vehicles was Tesla.

Capitalising on a niche in the market, the Californian based manufacturer stole an early march over the established car makers and launched a plethora of acclaimed fully electric vehicles. With traditional vehicle manufacturers grabbling with ever-changing government legislation around internal combustion engines and scandals around emissions, it was hard initially for some of the more established players to earn their seat at the ‘green’ table.

However significant investment and major advances in battery technology have seen the likes of Mercedes Benz catch up and the launch of their EQ range is a bold statement of intent.

Unveiled at last years Paris Motor Show the EQ range is to become a subbrand within the Mercedes group and focus purely on electric machines, think of it as the AMG division but for electric cars.

At current the range features the EQC. A machine geared at taking on the more established electric car players, it’s pitted head to head against the likes of the Tesla Model X, Jaguar i-Pace and the recently launched Audi E-Tron.

Based upon the architecture of the GLC family of vehicles, the EQC is an impressive machine to look at. Naturally, there is an emphasis on aerodynamics to ensure that it moves as efficiently as possible through the air and this means that shut lines are tight, the profile is soft and flowing and elements like the front grille don’t actually exist as there is no need for radiator cooling. Instead, we get a solid gloss black panel which leads the design of this machine and also incorporates LED lights which neatly join up with the headlights.

From an interior point of view, the EQC raises the bar for what is technically possible for the interior of a vehicle as it features a number of digital displays and the latest in Mercedes Benz infotainment systems. Whilst this is all clearly designed with the future in mind, there are no gimmicks here and the cabin still has the unmistakable Mercedes Benz feel.

With a claimed range of 280 miles on a single charge, this is a significant moment for Mercedes Benz. In an ever competitive marketplace, this looks to soon become the battleground of the future as cars slowly turn all electric. What Mercedes Benz hopes to do with the EQC is steal an early march over their rivals and there are strong reasons to believe that they can pull this goal off.

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