• Mercedes-Benz was the world's biggest luxury carmaker in 2017
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Mercedes-Benz was the world's biggest luxury carmaker in 2017

This shouldn't come as a huge surprise to you - at least it certainly wasn't to us here at Big Motoring World. Every day, we see just how popular the Mercedes-Benz brand remains - it continues to attract new fans every year – so the news that it remained as the world's biggest luxury carmaker in 2017 wasn't exactly a shock.

Sustained success

The company sold an incredible 2.3 million cars last year - 10 per cent up on 2016. But what - apart from the enduring appeal of this prestigious marque - is behind the seventh consecutive record year of sales? Well, it seems that a big driver behind the record year in 2017 was a huge bump in sales in China, where the number of Mercedes-Benz being driven off forecourts rose by an impressive 26 per cent. Worldwide, it seems that the company's canny moves in the development of its SUV versions of popular ranges are also proving popular - their luxury 4x4s are increasingly popular and amount to nearly a third of global sales. These two factors – aligned with a powerful, passionate and loyal customer base, seems to be the secret of Mercedes-Benz’ continued growth. With the exception of BMW, there don’t seem to be any other manufacturers who currently carry the same weight.

A big year to come

So what does the future hold for Mercedes-Benz, and will 2018 be yet another record year? We certainly wouldn't bet against it - with more SUVs to come, a market in China that is continuing to grow and that has fallen head over heels for the brand, and a focused vision for the future, it's certainly looking good. Mercedes-Benz are looking to the future too, putting their money into hybrid and all-electric solutions as a way to address the needs and demands of the next generation of customers. It could be quite a 2018.