• Mercedes & The S Class: An Automotive Pioneer
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Mercedes & The S Class: An Automotive Pioneer

The Mercedes S-Class is Mercedes Benz’s leading moniker. A long-standing stalwart of the German brand, the S-Class has become far more than the companies jewel in the crown, it has established itself as a technological masterclass and has led the way in what is possible for the motor car.

Formerly known as the Sonderklasse, this word translated from German to English results in ‘special class’ which is where the S-Class abbreviation first originated. First rolling off production lines back in 1972, the S-Class is a line of highly specified and luxury saloon vehicles.

Coming in a variety of guises, which includes long-wheelbase variants, the S-Class quickly established itself as a class leader. For all of its social standing as a luxury saloon today, the S-Class started life as one of Mercedes first outwardly designed cars for safety and included some world firsts, firsts that we take for granted to this day.

The styling of the original S-Class looked purposeful if a little robust, however, this was all for the benefit of the occupant and pedestrians. The S-Class of ‘72 looked at automotive safety in a completely different light and was one of the first cars to incorporate padded door trim around the windows alongside a padded steering wheel and dashboard, dual asymmetric windscreen wipers, rain channels around the windscreen, ribbed effect rear lights to avoid them being obscured through dirt and rounded body edges to aid pedestrian safety in the event of a collision. It was also among the first cars to be fitted with a first aid kit. This was stowed on the rear parcel shelf.

As the years passed by, so did the advances in automotive technology and later years saw the addition of ABS and a drivers Airbag, again both firsts at the time. In 1974 an S-Class variant won the prestigious prize for European car of the year. The 80's witnessed the addition of the likes of side airbags and the 1990s bought in further advances in technology with the S-Class on the receiving end of items such as double pane windows, self-closing boot lid and electric windows that had a feature to protect from jams.

As Mercedes took the S-Class into the 21st century, all new technological features were added to the range with the likes of a pre-collision system and infrared night vision view to name but a few. Throughout this time the S-Class evolved into the elegant and sophisticated looking saloon that’s so recognisable today.

The S-Class is often regarded as the showcase of what our cars will receive tomorrow and has often been the industry trendsetter. With the S-Class retaining its place as one of Mercedes Benz’s most popular machines, we look forward to the advances the S-Class delivers in the future.

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