• New car tech in 2018
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New car tech in 2018

Technology seems to be transforming every imaginable aspect of our lives, in ways that would have seemed incredible only a few years ago. And of course the motoring industry has played a huge role in this, spending millions on research and development in areas ranging from driverless vehicles to alternative fuels, AI and smart road technology. So what do the team here at Big Motoring World think will be the new technology that starts to make an impact in 2018? Here are a few of our predictions.

Watch the displays

We think it will be well worth watching what manufacturers are doing with in-car displays this year - we fully expect they are going to get more interactive, and more connected, making it easier for users to connect to social media, listen to music and surf the internet. And this is significant, because it is part of a quiet trend towards answering a very important question – one that will raise its head in the years to come: if autonomous self-driving vehicles are the future, what will passengers do while the car is doing all the hard work and they are no longer occupied with driving? Keep an eye on how dashboard technology evolves over the next few years - because it could offer some intriguing answers.

The electric revolution is here to stay

It seems that the car industry has well and truly thrown its weight behind electric vehicles, and we'll definitely be looking out for more news of the Mercedes EQ Concept in particular, which from what we've seen already is going to be a real game changer. The investment in electric vehicle technology that has increased in recent years - both from the manufacturers' side and from government, looks set to continue through 2018. We'll also be interested to see how the industry takes the creativity it has shown over the years in terms of traditional vehicle design and applies this to new electric vehicles in order to get a competitive advantage.

A new mobility

Look out for more and more innovative solutions to the question of how we get around - especially as momentum grows behind autonomous vehicle technology. It will be fascinating to see what the likes of Uber, Lyft and Google do next - with ride sharing models likely to be just the start of a new shared mobility revolution that could really pick up pace in 2018.