• New Porsche Speedster To Enter Production
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New Porsche Speedster To Enter Production

It’s a seeming trend for manufacturers at the moment. In a sea of retro mods, car makers are producing halo, throwback models to a bygone age and the latest marque to do this are Porsche with their 70th Anniversary Porsche Speedster.

Built to celebrate the German sports car makers 70th Birthday, the Porsche Speedster is a direct throwback to that early iconic model. Featuring sloping and heavily curved bodywork, the original Porsche Speedster of the late ‘40s & early ‘50s was a thing of beauty. Small proportions wrapped up in a delicate and aerodynamic frame, the Speedster was a hit and to this day remains a sports car classic.

The 2019 rendition first debuted at the Paris Motor Show during the backend of last year. Produced in the marques 70th anniversary year the new concept Speedster took heavy inspiration from its predecessor.

A central filler cap takes centre stage in the hood at the front end whilst heavily bespoke wing mirrors flank the top side of the doors. Further back the proportions of the original Speedster are plain to see. Curved rear bodywork wraps around behind the driver and passenger headrests and provides for that iconic profile.

At the time it was unclear whether the reborn Speedster would make production as several 70th Anniversary Porsches had been produced throughout the year prior to this debut. Happily however fast forwarding to April this year, Porsche announced plans to put the new Speedster into production in a limited run.

Naturally as with any concept car coming to production, several key design elements are missing from the production-ready version. Gone are the likes of those retro wing mirrors and in its place are the mirrors from the 991 generation machine. Furthermore, that central filler flap is also a victim of the restyle. However, this doesn’t detract from what is a gorgeous machine.

Style is, therefore, a given and no matter what specification these limited production specials will be delivered in, there's no doubt each will look special. Aside from the major styling points, the new Speedster is set to be a more than capable machine be that whether it finds itself on the road or at the track.

At its heart is the powertrain and chassis architecture from the critically acclaimed 991 GT3. A formidable track weapon, the GT3 is acclaimed for its poise and handling whilst it’s serenaded by a soundtrack that comes as a by-product of producing no less than 500 horsepower.

The new Speedster will be a fitting tribute to its bygone predecessor and we can’t wait to see it out on Britain's roads.

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