• Nissan Builds Its 10 Millionth Car In Britain
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Nissan Builds Its 10 Millionth Car In Britain

In a time where economic doom and gloom is apparent everywhere, it’s easy to miss the significant milestones that pass by and one of these milestones happened last week…

The UK’s car making industry has taken a real beating of late. A multitude of factors have been at play. Whether it is the tightening of emission regulation, the shift away from diesel or that divisive ‘B’ word, Brexit, all of these factors have hit not just the UK’s car makers but the world.

Despite the doomsayers grim predictions and pessimism, there are still reasons to feel proud of Britain as a car making player. Last week the ten millionth Nissan rolled off the production line at the Japanese giants Sunderland plant.

This is the first time that this feat has been achieved at a UK based plant in such a short time frame taking Nissan a mere 33 years to achieve.

The ten millionth car was naturally a Nissan Qashqai. A forerunner of the now highly competitive SUV space, the Qashqai caught the mood of a nation and proved a real sales hit as customers started to consider SUVs and crossovers for their next cars. Given that the Qashqai has proved to be so hugely popular for the maker, it’s perhaps only fitting then that this was the car to scoop that impressive title.

This milestone is a major moment to savour in the current climate. In the face of dwindling sales, Nissan appears to be weathering the storm well and is a testament to the facility they have in Sunderland.

It’s also a story of total efficiency. A car comes out of the Sunderland facility every two minutes and this has been going on since its opening in 1986. Given an impressive rate of production and growth, Nissan's workforce in Sunderland alone sits at 7,000 employees.

But what of the numbers? The Qashqai is the model that's seen the most example constructed at Sunderland however not far behind are the likes of the Micra which sits at 2.3 million units, the Primera on 1.5 million and then the highly popular Juke which has seen 1.1 million examples produced.

The success of Nissan in uncertain times should give the rest of the automotive world reason for cautious optimism and it’ll be important to see if Nissan can maintain this volume.

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