• Parts Of London Could Become 15 MPH Zones
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Parts Of London Could Become 15 MPH Zones

Under new proposals, parts of London could become 15 MPH zones after recent consultations.

Designed to tackle emissions and cut air pollution in the nation's capital the idea of a 15 MPH zone and road closures has been muted as a potential solution for reducing air pollution. These measures could potentially affect the square mile, the medieval hub and now the financial centre of London.

Despite research suggesting that the number of cars being operated in the square mile over the last 20 years has halved, campaigns still believe that more needs to be done.

Part of the reason for the decline in traffic in the centre of London could be attributed to the congestion zones and the recently introduced Ultra Low Emissions Zones which have seen no compliant vehicles hit with heavy financial penalties.

As people move away from cars and into more environmentally forms of transport, knock on consequences become more apparent. More people are now cycling in the capital which puts an increased strain on the capitals old and narrow streets and also means that air pollution is having a negative effect on pedestrians and cyclists alike.

Recent climate change protests brought the nation's streets to a standstill for several days last month and thrust the issue of climate change to the forefront of peoples minds once again.

Given the backdrop of Heathrow planning to build a third runway and you have a situation that is finally poised. These measures are more than likely designed to not only reduce emissions in the capital but to also help appease some of the current pent up political tension around this difficult subject.

Whether these plans come to fruition remains to be seen, however, a 15 MPH zone is a distinct possibility and they could be here sooner than you think.

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