• Porsche Takes The Fight To Tesla With New Taycan
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Porsche Takes The Fight To Tesla With New Taycan

After months of speculation, the wraps recently came off the highly anticipated Porsche Taycan recently. In the face of a dramatically changing world, Porsche looks set to build on its sports car credentials as it stakes a claim for Tesla’s electric crown.

A new foray for Porsche, the Taycan is a pivotal moment for the brand and it’s clear that it’s current vehicles have heavily influenced this new machine. Visually the Porsche DNA is clear. Taking a front and rear end similar to that of the new 992 911 and the centre section of the Panamera, the Taycan is a fantastic looking car. With revised headlights and dual coloured alloys on the launch model, this car fits in perfectly to the current portfolio.

Inside this theme continues with items such as the Sports Chrono package centre dashboard-mounted clock still presented. However, it’s the technology present that makes you realise you are sat in something a little different.

Gone are any analogue dials and switches and in their place are gorgeous touch screens which put all control at the drivers and passengers fingertips in comfort and convenience. The cabin is an impressive place to be, and perfectly compliments the impressive technology that lies beneath.

Powering the Taycan to Tesla Model S rivalling performance are two electric motors, one mounted on each axle front and rear. Add into the mix the Porsches high-performance battery packs and the Taycan will be good for a range of 262 miles for the Turbo S and a greater range of 283 miles in the Turbo.

At launch, the Porsche Taycan will come in Turbo and Turbo S variants. Whilst both will produce around 625 bhp with both motors combined, the Turbo S will have further use of a powerful front inverter to produce an ‘overboost’ facility which will raise the Turbo S’s power output to 761 bhp. These are impressive figures for a car that boasts four doors and when applied to the road, this amount of power means that a standstill to 62 mph time is able to fall in a mere 2.8 seconds.

Whilst impressive by design and performance, the Taycan is a little on the pricey side with the Taycan Turbo starting at £115,858, while the more powerful Turbo S sees prices in the brochure start at £138,826.

This is an important moment for Porsche. As the world slowly starts to switch to an all-electric future, this car could be Porsches career-defining moment and it will be interesting to see how the Taycan stacks up when pitted against the likes of the Tesla Model S.

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