• Power and style, the Mercedes Benz AMG GT
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Power and style, the Mercedes Benz AMG GT

With development assisted by Mercedes AMG F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, the Mercedes Benz AMG GT is the second sports car to be produced wholly by the marques AMG division, after the acclaimed SLS. A fine recipe indeed, but what makes the AMG GT so special?

At a glance and maybe a squint you could believe that you are looking at a reskinned Mercedes SLS. This, however, is where you would be wrong, as before you even begin to take this viewpoint, this machine commands a tantalising second look. From the off, if you view this car in profile your eyes will be drawn to its effortlessly beautiful curves which run right from the front of this vehicle, all the way to the rear where the rear headlights wrap around as the lower apron melts away to tuck neatly under towards the rear wheels.

This is a well designed, well-formed machine. Every area looks to have been clearly well thought out, but when you consider for a moment what this car is set up against in the race for sales, it has to be on the money in a variety of areas.

Arguably the main competitor for the AMG GT is the Porsche 911. For many years now, Porsche has had a stranglehold over the top end/sub supercar section of the market. What the AMG GT is, is a tonic to the sports car norm.

Whilst the Porsche 911 is all about sophisticated handling prowess and poise through the corners, the AMG GT is a full fat, power-hungry powerhouse which is designed to thrill. For a car that features a twin-turbo V8 at its heart, this car has some serious theatrics and will put guaranteed smiles upon your face. What's more, the AMG GT now comes in a convertible form so you can enjoy drop-top thrills as you are serenaded by that stunning soundtrack bellowing from its V8 engine.

First produced in 2015, considerable development input was provided by, now 5 time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton which goes some way for explaining the way that this thing drives. Whilst it is tail happy on the power, it is still just at home eating away the corners on any race circuit that you throw at it.

With the model constantly evolving, recent additions to the GT line up have seen the likes of the AMG GTR appear. A rawer version of the standard machine, the GTR is the very definition of Mercedes AMG personified.

A machine that commands attention, we look forward to the day at Big Motoring World where we have one of these fine machines on our forecourt. To view our extensive range of quality used cars in Kent, please visit the Big Motoring World group website, which contains a range of quality used cars from the likes of BMW, Audi and Volkswagen, here.