• Supercar Spotlight: Bugatti Chiron Super Sport
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Supercar Spotlight: Bugatti Chiron Super Sport

Every now and then a car comes along that defines a generation. Masterpieces of engineering, these machines are the ultimate in automotive excellence and deliver performance figures on a devastating scale. To that end, we are immensely honoured to offer for sale this stunning Bugatti Chiron Super Sport at Big Motoring World.

Poster pin-ups on the bedroom walls of young car fans around the world, the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is arguably one of the most potent expressions of hypercar exotica. Steeped in heritage, Bugatti is one of the worlds most revered car makers.

An early pioneer of cars that utilised both beauty and power, Bugatti quickly forged itself an enviable reputation. Founded in 1909, 2019 saw the 110th anniversary of the French marque and the Chiron Super Sport is a celebration of this milestone.

The modern age of Bugatti started back in 2005. Prior to this, the company had remained dormant until the mid 80’s when a brief revival saw the likes of the EB110 come to production. However, it wouldn’t be until the early noughties that Bugatti would climb back into the realms of supercar royalty.

The first machine of the new era Bugatti was the Veyron. A true Concorde moment of the automotive world, the Veyron pushed boundaries like never before. Over 1000 horsepower, a top speed of over 250 mph and a price tag to make the eyes water, the Veyron was a statement of intent.

The fact that the Veyron made it to production at all is a testament to the visionaries at Bugatti. An engineering project on this scale is an enormous undertaking and a costly one at that. Produced in conjunction with Volkswagen it is rumoured that in the Veyron, Bugatti was making a loss of around €5 million on every unit sold.

Naturally, the supercar game moved on and inspired by the mighty Veyron, carmakers around the world set about toppling the Veyrons high water markers. Not one to rest lightly Bugatti set about producing a car that could not only protect these markers but actively raise them further.

With this desire to achieve, the product of this quest was this, the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport and it's an absolute privilege to hold one in Big Motoring World group stock.

Specified to an outstanding standard, this Bugatti features many bespoke options. These options make for a totally unique and one-off machine the likes of which come around very rarely.

The inside is specified to an unrivalled standard. Swathes of comfortable leather upholster the interior, hand-stitched details and beautifully machined metal components add a contemporary and stylish touch. Everything on, and inside, this machine is produced to a very high standard and is fully befitting of a car with this asking price.

This is a true icon of motoring excellence and you can discover more about this fantastic machine over on our website here. In addition, you can take a look at our full selection of quality used cars here which includes the likes of used BMWAudi and Mercedes Benz from our used car dealerships across Kent and London.