• Tesla Model 3 Takes The EV Car World By Storm
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Tesla Model 3 Takes The EV Car World By Storm

Come the start of the Millenium the Tesla brand didn’t exist. Not even two decades later and the name is one of the biggest players in electric vehicles and it’s latest creation, the Model 3 is one of it’s biggest hits to date.

How do you think the worlds established car makers are feeling at present? Nervous? Excited for the future of alternative fuels or rattled by the likes of Tesla? It must be a bitter pill to swallow seeing the likes of decades, if not over one hundred years for some, of development and market share be threatened by such a young upstart.

It sounds a little hard to believe, but it is exactly what is going on right now. Tesla has stolen a march on the competition in a way that has never been seen before in the automotive industry.

Admittedly, the worlds largest players on the automotive stage would openly admit to potentially being caught napping by Elon Musks juggernaut. They were slow to react and whilst transition to electric cars in boardrooms was a slow burner, Musk and his company were ploughing full steam ahead into the new electric revolution. First came the Roadster, then the Model S. Both were subject to critical acclaim, but it wasn’t until the likes of the Model X rocked up did the world properly start to take notice.

Tesla is more than just a car maker. The way they went about their business was completely different. With features such as the Model X’s celebration mode, a mode where the car opened it’s doors and flashed its lights to an operatic classic, suddenly everybody wanted to touch and feel a Tesla. It’s arguably this billing that drove such a strong campaign ahead of the Model 3’s launch.

Before the Model 3 had even turned a wheel, let along gone into production, Tesla had preorders of half a million. Something on this scale has never happened before and these figures showed just how much Tesla had caught the world's imagination.

Whilst generating hype is one thing, producing a car that delivers on it promises is another. Despite all the naysayers, what Tesla has produced is arguably the finest electric car to date. An electric car that has been pitted up against the all-conquering BMW M3.

On paper, it’s not hard to see why the Model 3 gets pitted up against such illustrious company. Coming in one or two motor guises, the Model 3 is more than just electric efficiency, it’s a performance car too.

In single motor setup, you’re looking at a range of 260 miles and a 5.6sec 0-60mph time. Not too shabby. However, when you chuck that second motor into the mix, you’ll be enjoying a range of 310 miles between charges. An extra $11,000 sees the 3’ come in Performance specification which is capable of delivering a frankly nuts standstill to 60mph time of 3.3sec. After this electric start, excuse the pun, a 155mph top speed is in easy reach, as is excellent stopping power thanks to uprated brakes.

Inside the interior is just as much as a revelation as the technology powering this machine as all key controls are managed from a large single touch screen. Tesla has stolen a significant march on the competition.

How the world's carmakers respond to this salvo from Tesla remains to be seen. What is clear however is that the future of the car can still be exciting.

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