• The All-New Ford Focus ST Estate
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The All-New Ford Focus ST Estate

The Ford Focus ST has been a mainstay of Ford’s product lineup for a couple of decades now. During that time the humble Focus has seen a number of generations and guises through the form of the standard hatch and an estate variant. Now however there’s a new Focus and with it comes an all-new Ford Focus Estate ST.

The Ford Focus launched to immediate acclaim and quickly became one of Britain's best selling cars. Popular for its practicality and usability, the Focus established itself as one of Fords best selling models alongside the Ford Fiesta.

Whilst the Focus’ forte was everyday practicality, it was always prime for a more sporting offshoot thanks to its capable chassis. Living up to its heritage, Ford dually created the RS and ST variants of the base Focus and thus started a generation of hot hatch heroes.

Fast forward a few years to 2019 and the latest ‘hot’ Focus is here. Meet the Ford Focus Estate ST. In a land where SUVs are king and estate sales are falling, the Focus ST Estate is somewhat a breath of fresh air.

Taking the latest generation hatchback variant, the Estate iteration sees interior space increased whilst retaining all the key ingredients of its fine chassis. It’s fantastic news if you’ve got to take a lot of stuff with you, and fast. Featuring a mighty boot, to the tune of 1653-litres to be exact, you’re not exactly going to be short of space. So whether it’s taking the kids or dogs out for a drive, the new ST will see you right.

Ready for order in the summer the ST Estate will feature a range of engines and include units right up to, an attention-grabbing, 276 bhp. Much has been made of Fords recent exploits with ST badged machines with the current generation Fiesta ST being received to much acclaim.

Ford is clearly on a roll at the moment with their chassis tech and the Fiesta ST proves this. A fun, chuckable and tight chassis, the Fiesta ST doesn’t fail to make you smile and if the Focus Estate ST has captured any of this essence from its smaller brother, it’s already on to great things.

Whilst the front end styling is either love or hate, there's no denying that the recipe at the base of this new machine from Ford is strong. Whether the appetite is still there for estate cars remains to be seen.

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