• The BMW 8 Series Is Back
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The BMW 8 Series Is Back

2018 saw the much-anticipated return for a thought to be lost name, the BMW 8 Series. An early 90s icon, the original 8 Series saw BMW take a clean sheet of paper and design something, unlike anything they had designed before. With a low and sleek body shape, the 8 Series was born. Now after an absence of 19 years, the 8 is back.

A two-door coupe, the original 8 Series was powered by a range of V8 or V12 engines and debuted at the 1989 Frankfurt motor show. Creating a stir at its launch, the BMW 8 Series had a number of notable attributes. The first of these was the way that it looked. A low, wide and long coupe shape, the 8 had abrupt angles and a low slung sporting stance.

It commanded attention and care was made to keep the body as sleek and uninterrupted as possible with the addition of the pop up headlights, which were concealed in the front wing panels. It was also a car of firsts in a sense that it was among the first few vehicles to be fitted with a ‘fly-by-wire’ throttle.

Despite the 8 Series’ sporting credentials, huge engines and technical innovations, the 8 Series was deemed a commercial flop as BMW struggled to sell the car in large enough numbers. Inevitably production ceased and in 1999 the last 8 Series rolled off the production line.

Almost 20 years would pass before BMW revisited this famous nameplate, however, come the June of 2018, the 8 Series was back. The new 8 Series is now produced at the marques Dingolfing plant in Germany and represents a departure from the 8 of old.

A completely new design philosophy sees the new car bought right up to date. Whilst the two-door coupe recipe still exists, the new machine is an advance on every level. In the years that have passed since the original, many things have changed and one area of change has been the automotive industry as a whole.

The world has moved on, Diesel is now victimised and more and more emphasis is placed on greener and renewable energies. To bring the BMW 8 Series back with a V12 engine would have been a huge gamble by BMW so naturally, the new car loses the scale of engines that the original once boasted. In its place is a capable range of engines which includes a V8 and 3.0-Litre diesel options, both of these units are turbocharged.

Adorning these new capable drivetrains is the 8 Series’ exquisitely crafted body. With flowing lines, an emphasis on the iconic dual kidney grill and detailing that extends around to the rear apron, the new 8 Series commands attention anywhere it goes. With a range of technological features also available, the 8 Series is a welcome return to BMW’s product roster.

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