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UK Used Car Sales to Reach New Heights This Year

When you come to second-hand car dealers like Big Motoring World, you can secure top quality vehicles at affordable prices. It appears as though increasingly, more people are realising the value of buying a used car, as sales volumes are expected to reach new heights by the end of this year…

Rising sales

Various figures, released by different organisations, indicate that UK used car sales are holding strong right now. According to SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders), 4.18m of used vehicles were bought in the UK during the first six months of 2016, rising by 8% on the same period of 2015. New statistics recently released by cap hpi, an automotive data specialist, paint a similar picture. Used car sales increased by 5.9% during the year to the second quarter of 2016, with 2,008,439 units sold. Prices were underpinned by robust demand, so the sector stayed strong even after activity declined in June. But even then, demand rose by 0.5%, despite uncertainty over the UK’s vote to leave the EU.

New peaks

Industry publication Motor Trader reports that according to cap hpi, total UK used car sales will hit a staggering 7.6m units by the end of 2016. This equals an impressive growth rate of 5.5% for the entire year. Cap hpi argued that year-on-year rises in new car registrations, coupled with robust consumer demand, will fuel the sector to new heights by the close of this year. The firm noted that the quality of used cars sold within the UK held remarkably steady throughout September 2016. Going further, cap hpi pointed out that this is developing at a stronger pace than normal for this point of the year. According to the automotive data specialist, in September the market saw overall price reductions at three years, 60,000 miles of only 0.2%, supporting its forecasts.

Feeling very bullish

Commenting on these impressive forecasts for the UK’s used car sector, cap hpi Consumer and Retail Specialist Philip Nothard said: “Strong demand has underpinned a stable market in 2016. Although we have seen larger volumes, values have tracked established seasonal trend… The trend looks set to make 2016 a marquee year, up 5.5% on a blockbuster 2015. Elaborating, Nothard noted: “While recent predictions from the SMMT set some doubt about the new car market in 2017, the used market has much to feel bullish about… Both a strong new and used market has helped drive the growth of dealer groups, expansion of Supermarkets and independent operators. It is likely the used market will become an increased focus into 2017.”

Providing top quality

As a supplier of top quality, used BMWs and Mercedes-Benz’, we are not surprised that UK second hand car sales are set to hit new peaks. When you come to Big Motoring World, you get first-rate service, as customer satisfaction matters to us. With great service and top notch cars available through dealers like Big Motoring World, more Britons are seeing the value of buying second hand every day.

Big Motoring World

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