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What Annoys British Drivers the Most?

Driving is really rewarding, as it gives you the freedom to go anywhere you want in the UK in just hours. But there are some things about driving that get on even the most patient of motorists’ nerves. Big Motoring World looks at recently released research to ask: what annoys British drivers the most?

Biggest annoyance

We Brits really believe that we’re the best drivers in Europe. But new research commissioned by RAC suggests that when we say this we’re probably referring to just ourselves and not our fellow Brits, as we think they have some pretty bad driving habits. The research was carried out by YourParkingSpace, who polled 1,028 drivers. They found that a staggering 72% of those questioned said that not indicating is the most annoying habit that their fellow drivers engage in while on the road. Commenting, RAC Spokesperson Simon Williams said:  “Failing to indicate is not just incredibly irritating, it is also dangerous as it causes confusion for drivers. As well as being the cause of many accidents, it unnecessarily holds motorists up as they wait for vehicles to go by only to find they then miraculously take a turning.” Not indicating is hated by men and women equally, the poll showed.

Annoying habits

But not indicating isn’t the only habit that British drivers find annoying. The second most popular answer, according to Yahoo, was talking on a mobile phone (72%) while driving. It’s clear that Whitehall recognises that this is an issue on the UK’s roads. The government has toughened up the punishment for this – it’s now a six point offence, and is looking into blocking mobile signals in cars. RAC also discovered that bad parking are the third most irritating issue for UK drivers, as this answer was chosen by 56% of those polled. We’re not surprised by this, as recent research indicated that we waste a lot of time parking, with the average UK motorist spending around four days every year trying to find places to park their car.  Meanwhile, 52% of people said that they are irritated by traffic jams. Speaking out on these findings, YourParkingSpace’s Managing Director, Harrison Woods, said:  “It is interesting to look into the psyche of the British driver, to see what they like and what irritates them about driving. People not indicating and using mobile phones when driving are not only irritating to other road users but also very dangerous, causing accidents and damage as well as breaking the law.”

Keep yourself safe

So the habits that annoy British drivers the most are things that seem trivial, such as not indicating and talking on a mobile while driving. But as Harrison pointed out, these things can actually be dangerous under the wrong circumstances, and they can put people lives at risk. It’s best to air on the side of caution and avoid practising these habits when driving, to keep yourself and others safe.

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