• Which professions have the most car insurance claims?
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Which professions have the most car insurance claims?

Here at Big Motoring World we were surprised recently by an interesting piece of research that reveals exactly which professions have the most car insurance claims. Strangely, it doesn't appear to be the most dangerous or high-risk workers who have the most accidents - the truth is that it seems to be the people who are doing more regular, deskbound jobs that are claiming more often.

A surprising picture

The research from insurer 1st Central took a look at 400,000 policies across the UK in an attempt to work out the safest occupations - in terms of car accidents at least. Fascinatingly, it appears that the professionals who have the most accidents are financial advisors. Project managers also feature high up on the list – and it’s unclear what makes both these kinds of professionals so much more likely to claim. The top spots were also filled by people in the health professions - doctors, pharmacists and dentists, who, admittedly, lead busy, stressful lives, work long hours and who also may do some driving as part of their daily roles.

Professional pride

The list of the best professions for claims is an equally interesting read - and one of the most intriguing statistics is that if you're a driver by trade, you're much less likely to claim for an accident. This makes sense in some ways - clearly if it's your job to drive then you'd expect that these drivers are pretty accomplished - however it's also a fact that these people will spend a lot more time on the road, increasing their chances of being involved in an accident. The research then certainly seems to be a tribute to the abilities of those who drive for a living. However the top prize for the very safest drivers - or at least those with the lowest car insurance claims – goes to painters. How many claims they make for falling from ladders or for other accidents at work isn't shown by the research.